Before you become a part of the ABTsolute Family, there's something you should know.

We are very competitive. And you will be too.

Our pro-athletes, student athletes, moms, and military men alike have all competed in different events all over the Tri-state area with us and we are extremely proud of all their accomplishments.


SMG Summer Throwdown 

Andrew Abt - 1st place

Leo Jourdain - 2nd place

emily liggitt - 1st place for  Sub-master & 3rd place for open

tanner zachem - 1st place

nayan zen - 1st place

august 2017

NY Strong-est Man/Woman 4

Emily Liggitt - 3rd place (national qualifier)

dana rae - 1st place (National Qualifier)

greg budnick - 3rd Place

july 2017


RPS Connecticut States

John Walker - 1st Place

June 2017